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Augmented Reality

Create engaging and interactive 3D experiences around your products and ideas


Makes products real and interactive for your clients

Connects offline to online advertising by analyzing augmented reality stats from printed campaign

Provides an added value service for customers

Virtual Reality

Impress your clients with a virtual reality tour of your simulated structures and environments


Walk around, interact and make corrections where necessary even before building construction begins

Excellent for attracting traffic at exhibition kiosks by creating immersive and fun virtual reality experiences

Set yourself apart from the competition

Architectural Visualisation

Convert that building schematics into a stunning image


Confidently express your designs to your clients

Showcase walkthrough videos

Get design approvals faster

3D Printing

Got an Idea? Create a 3D model and have it printed with a variety of materials ranging from plastics to metals


Be unique, make custom items such as jewelry

Verify your concept before mass production

Reduce time to market

Facebook Simulation and Games

Keep your Facebook audience entertained and engaged whilst receiving valuable market statistics


Treat viewers to fun and brand-able interactive environments and games inside of Facebook

Allow users to invite their friends to experience your environment

Users can share the experience on their timeline

Mobile Games

The future is mobile! Keep your brand relevant with sponsored and brand promoting 3D and 2D games on iOS, android and windows phone


Provides a high engagment platform for brand or product promotion

Has high conversion rates

Games are fun, 32% of mobile usage involves playing games at against 18% for Facebook

Mobile Apps

Maintain your business presence with your on the go customers on iOS, android and windows phones


Keep your business handy and right in your customers pockets

Reinforces your brand by increasing visibility

Increase customer engagement

Web Simulation

Thrill your website visitors with an interactive 3D product representation and game interactions hosted on your website


Increase visitor engagement on your website

Set your brand apart with innovative interactive technology

improve product visualisation

Graphic Design

Looking to create beautiful graphics for fliers, business cards, rollup banners and much more? Reach out to us


Express your unique identity

Set yourself brand apart from the crowd

Get your message across

Website Design

Looking to create beautiful websites? Reach out to us


Gain an online presence

Express your business identity

Generate online sales leads


Spice up that movie or website with the magic of motion graphics


Add a wow factor to your video presentation

Entertain your audience

Get that stunning special effects shot

Character Mimic

Increase traffic to your kiosks at exhibitions with our interactive 3D mimic solution


High user engagement

Interactive and fun

High message retention

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